Converting VirtualBox .vdi diskfiles to Hyper-V .vhd files

If you are using Oracle Virtual Box with .vdi format for the disk image and want to move your virtual machine to Microsoft Hyper -V there is a small migration required as currently Hyper-V doesn’t read the .vdi file.

The good part is that its extremely easy as well as Virtual Box also comes with a GUI to convert .vdi files to .vhd files.


  1. Open Virtual Box and go to Files > Virtual Media ManagerVirtual Box vdi vhd
  2. Select the disk file you want to migrate and click copy.Virtual Box vdi vhd-1
  3. Select the output format of the disk file (Hyper-V and VMWare support .VHD file) and click copy.Virtual Box vdi vhd-4
  4. Wait for the the copy to complete and then it can be plugged into Hyper-V
    Virtual Box vdi vhd-5

Oh yes ! there is a nerdier way of converting the file too, just locate the VirtualBox binaries and fire the following command 😉

vboxmanage clonehd <source path to vdi file> <destination path of vhd file> -format VHD

If you have any questions please feel free to PM me or leave a comment.


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