Author: Astha Srivastava

DevSecOps: Why is it important?

Before going into the details of DevSecOps. We need to understand how is it different from DevOps. Lets have a brief introduction for both of them. What is DevOps? I know many of you are already familiar with the concept of DevOps. DevOps is a combination of two words, Development as “Dev” and Operations as Read More

Is Golang better than Java?


Golang, also referred as Go, is an open source programming language developed by Google in 2007. It is a compiled, statically typed language somewhat similar to C.  Two major implementations of this language is:

  1. Google’s Go compiler, “gc”, is developed as open source software
  2. Targets various platforms including Linux, OS X, Windows, various BSD and Unix versions and  smartphones.

Comparison of Golang with Java:

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Li-Fi Technology in a nutshell

Li-Fi, or Light Fidelity, is suddenly in the news these days because an Estonian company called Velmenni conducted a real-world test where it was able to transfer data between devices at 1 Gbps, which is roughly 100 times faster than Wi-Fi in the real world. How Li-fi Works- The Internet and router/server is hooked to Read More